About Us

A friendship pact of diverse background has one thing in common – a vision to build an internationally recognised skin care brand of Malaysian origin.

Armed with a common goal and direction, the trio – a human resource personnel, a videographer cum social media strategist, and a beauty and personal care marketing surveyor – began developing their ideal skin care products made from nature-based ingredients. In a span of two years, they sourced for only premium and natural ingredients from advanced countries like France, South Korea and Japan. Their perseverance and passion finally bore fruits, with the right formula discovered in Japan, and it is being developed and manufactured in Malaysia.

As the brand name suggests, nudesoul leaves one with a pristine and clean skin as if nothing has been applied on it. After all, natural beauty is the best beauty. With a balanced perspective in mind, the like-minded friends went on a mission to build loads of natural skin care products that suit all age groups.

True to their words, nudesoul does not contain paraben, mineral oil and fragrance. In addition, the list of products under nudesoul is made from cruelty free means. Consumers can be assured that no animals are harmed in making these products

Riding on its slogan “In this era of constant transition, we give you direction”, the first nudesoul core product – Go Go Bling Perfecting Skin – is set to be launched in April. The moisturiser is designed to act as a brightening and tired skin rejuvenating agent, target unwanted pigmentation and act as anti-aging with moisturising effect.

The launch will mark the beginning of nudesoul’s milestone as plans are afoot for the team to set up their kiosks, pop-up stores and shops in prominent shopping malls to establish its brand presence. The public will also be able to find these skincare products of excellence in well-known multinational retailers affiliated with selling personal care and beauty products.

While the products are currently catered only to the Asian market, the brainchild behind nudesoul aims to make inroads into the rest of the world as they share the benefits of these products with others soon.

Go Go Bling Perfecting Skin